QC  quality control 品質管理人員
  FQC  final quality control 終點品質管制人員
  IPQC  in process quality control 制程中的品質管制人員
  OQC output quality control 最終出貨品質管制人員
  IQC incoming quality control 進料品質管制人員
  TQC total quality control 全面質量管理
  POC passage quality control 段檢人員
  QA quality assurance 質量保證人員
  OQA output quality assurance 出貨質量保證人員
  QE quality engineering 品質工程人員
  FAI  first article inspection 新品首件檢查
  FAA first article assurance 首件確認
  CP capability index 能力指數
  CPK capability process index 模具制程能力參數
  SSQA standardized supplier quality audit 合格供應商品質評估
  FMEA failure model effectiveness analysis 失效模式分析
  AQL Acceptable Quality Level 運作類允收品質水準

  S/S Sample size 抽樣檢驗樣本大小
  ACC Accept 允收
  REE Reject 拒收
  CR Critical 極嚴重的
  MAJ Major 主要的
  MIN Minor 輕微的
  Q/R/S Quality/Reliability/Service 品質/可靠度/服務
  P/N Part Number 料號
  L/N  Lot Number 批號
  AOD Accept On Deviation 特采
  UAI Use As It 特采
  FPIR First Piece Inspection Report            首件檢查報告
  PPM Percent Per Million 百萬分之一

  SPC Statistical Process Control 統計制程管制
  SQC Statistical Quality Control 統計品質管制
  GRR Gauge Reproductiveness & Repeatability 量具之再制性及重測性判斷量可靠與否
  DIM Dimension 尺寸
  DIA Diameter 直徑
  N Number 樣品數
  QIT Quality Improvement Team 品質改善小組
  ZD Zero Defect 零缺點
  QI Quality Improvement 品質改善
  QP Quality Policy 目標方針
  TQM Total Quality Management 全面品質管理
  RMA Return Material Audit 退料認可
  7QCTools 7 Quality Control Tools 品管七大手法
  ECN Engineering Change Notice 工程變更通知(供應商)
  ECO Engineering Change Order 工程改動要求(客戶)
  PCN Process Change Notice 工序改動通知
  PMP Product Management Plan 生產管制計劃
  SIP Standard Inspection Procedure 制程檢驗標準程序
  SOP Standard Operation Procedure 制造作業規范
  IS Inspection Specification 成品檢驗規范
  BOM Bill Of Material 物料清單
  PS Package Specification 包裝規范
  SPEC Specification 規格
  DWG Drawing 圖面
  ES Engineering Standard 工程標準
  CGOO China General PCE龍華廠文件
  IWS International Workman Standard 工藝標準
  ISO International Standard Organization 國際標準化組織
  GS General Specification 一般規格
  PMC  Production & Material Control 生產和物料控制
  PCC            Product control center                  生產管制中心
  PPC Production Plan Control 生產計劃控制
  MC Material Control 物料控制
  DC Document Center 資料中心
  QE Quality Engineering 品質工程(部)
  QA Quality Assurance 品質保證(處)
  QC Quality Control 品質管制(課)
  PD Product Department 生產部
  LAB Laboratory 實驗室
  IE Industrial Engineering 工業工程
  R&D Research & Design 設計開發部
  PCs Pieces 個(根,塊等)
  PRS Pairs 雙(對等)
  CTN Carton 卡通箱
  PAL Pallet/skid 棧板
  PO Purchasing Order 采購訂單
  MO Manufacture Order 生產單
  D/C Date Code 生產日期碼
  ID/C Identification Code (供應商)識別碼
  SWR Special Work Request 特殊工作需求
  L/N Lot Number 批號
  P/N Part Number 料號
  OEM Original Equipment Manufacture 原設備制造
  PC Personal Computer 個人電腦
  CPU Central Processing Unit 中央處理器
  A.S.A.P As Soon As Possible 盡可能快的
  E-MAIL Electrical-Mail 電子郵件
  N/A Not Applicable 不適用
  QTY Quantity 數量
  I/O input/output 輸入/輸出
  NG Not Good 不行,不合格
  C=0 Critical=0 極嚴重不允許
  APP Approve 核準,認可,承認
  CHK Check 確認
  ASS'Y Assembly 裝配,組裝
  T/P True Position 真位度
  5WIH When, Where, Who, What, Why, How to
  6M Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement, Message
  4MTH Man, Material, Money, Method, Time, How 人力,物力,財務,技術,時間(資源)
  SQA Strategy Quality Assurance 策略品質保證
  DQA Design Quality Assurance 設計品質保證
  MQA Manufacture Quality Assurance 制造品質保證
  SSQA Sales and service Quality Assurance 銷售及服務品質保證
  LRR Lot Reject Rate 批退率
  SPS Switching power supply 電源箱
  DT Desk Top 臥式(機箱)
  MT Mini-Tower 立式(機箱)
  DVD Digital Video Disk
  VCD Video Compact Disk
  LCD Liquid Crystal Display
  CAD Computer Aided Design
  CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
  CAE Computer Aided Engineering
  PCB Printed Circuit Board 印刷電路板
  CAR Correction Action Report 改善報告
  NG Not Good 不良
  WDR Weekly Delivery Requirement 周出貨要求
  PPM Percent Per Million 百萬分之一
  TPM Total Production Maintenance 全面生產保養
  MRP Material Requirement Planning 物料需計劃
  OS Operation System 作業系統
  TBA To Be Assured 待定,定缺
  D/C Drawing Change
  P/P Plans & Procedure
  EMI Electrical-Music Industry 電子音樂工業
  Electrical Magnetic Interference                電子干擾
  RFI Read Frequency Input 讀頻輸入
  MMC Maximum Material Condition
  MMS Maximum Material Size
  LMC Least Material Condition
  LMS Least Material Size
  LED       lighting-emitting diode 發光二極管
  QBR       Quarter Business Record
  CIP        Continuous improvement process
  FGI        Forecasted Goal Inventory
  CNC       Computerized numeral controller
  B2C        Business to customer
  B2B        Business to business
  AVL        Approved vendor list
  POP        Procedure of packaging
  EOL        End of life
  VDCS       Vender defect correcting sheet
  PDCS        Process defect correcting sheet
  GRN         Goods receiving note
  A/R          Accounting receivable
  A/P          Accounting payable

  general manager總經理
  special assistant 特助
  deputy manager |'depjuti| =vice manager副理
  deputy supervisor =vice supervisor副課長
  group leader組長
  line leader線長
  supervisor 課長
  responsible department負責單位
  Human Resources Department
  Head count 人頭數
  production department生產部門
  planning department企劃部
  QC Section品管課
  stamping factory沖壓廠
  painting factory烤漆廠
  molding factory成型廠
  administration/general affairs dept./總務部
  production unit生產單位
  meeting minutes會議記錄
  distribution department分發單位
  decision items決議事項
  pre-fixed finishing date預定完成日
  Color management   顏色管理
  Visual management  目視管理
  production capacity生產力
  first count初盤
  first check初盤復棹
  second count 復盤
  second check復盤復核
  quantity of physical inventory second count 復盤點數量
  physical inventory盤點數量
  physical count quantity帳面數量
  difference quantity差異量
  spare parts physical inventory list備品盤點清單
  cause analysis原因分析
  waste materials廢料
  specification 規格
  work order工令
  registration card登記卡
  to control管制
  application form for purchase請購單
  consume, consumption消耗
  to notify通知
  to fill in填寫
  to collect, to gather收集
  cosmetic inspection standard  外觀檢驗規范
  computer case 電腦外殼(組件)
  personal computer enclosure  電腦機箱產品
  front plate前板
  rear plate后板
  chassis |'∫æsi| 基座
  bezel panel面板
  Hood    上蓋      ?
  base pan  基座
  bezel     面板
  riser card  擴充卡
  flat cable  排線
  TOP driver cage   上磁架
  bottom driver cage   下磁架
  resin film          樹脂膜
  raw materials原料
  steel plate鋼板
  roll/coil material卷料
  spare parts =buffer備品
  plastic parts塑膠件
  sheet metal parts/stamping parts 沖件
  material check list物料檢查表
  finished product成品
  semi-finished product半成品
    PE:prodction engineer即生產工程師或產品工程師
      ME:mechanical & electrical engineer 機電工程師 
      EE:Electrical Engineer即電子工程師



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